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Free shipping on orders over £100
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1. I notice your prices are different for drawing people to drawing animals. why is this, and can I have a portrait of a person with an animal?

The methods for drawing people I use are a "dot technique" which is much more time consuming then my line sketching style, and this is why the price is higher. I just find I get a better result drawing people using this technique - don't ask me why?! Yes, I can do a mixture of people and animals and I would do such a picture in the "dot technique" style, and price it as such.

2. Why do you take 1-2 weeks to fulfil a made-to-order item?

This is because these items are not in stock and need to be printed for you. If you need the print earlier than this, I am always happy to accommodate where I can. Depending on the circumstances and the turnaround required, a further fee might be incurred. Please contact me to discuss at

3. Where has my item got to?

I will notify you when your item has shipped. Once the item has left rebheadscape, it is no longer in my control. You will be issued a tracking number shortly after you have been told your item has shipped, and you should contact the delivery agent with these details if your product is late, so as to track its whereabouts. If you have done this but still require further assistance, then please contact me at and I will do my very best to help.

4. I would like the item to be shipped as a gift. What do I do?

There will an option at your Cart for you to notify me of this so that I can ensure any packing information does not contain pricing, and so that I can carry out your wishes with regard to any personalisation of the artwork.

5. Does the artwork come framed?

No, the artwork is not mounted or framed.

6. I would like a portrait of my pet. What do I do?

You would go to one of the pet portrait listings and put your order in for the size you prefer. If your portrait contains more than one pet or people for example, the pricing may be slightly higher so please contact me at In all cases, once you have put your order through, you can then email your photos through to and we can discuss which is the best photo to use. Please ensure your photos are of good quality in natural light where possible. There is more detail about this process on the relevant listing pages.